WOODEN TULIPS..A MAJOR change in our woodworking and life.

Okanagan Touch Wood is owned and operated by Alf & Rose-Marie Edvinsson, in Naramata, which is nestled in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada.
We emigrated, from Sweden to eastern Canada in 1978.
"The wooden tulip explosion" started at Touch Wood in Fenelon Falls, Ontario in 1981.
From making larger items, furniture, shelves...anything in wood, we had to start just making tulips to keep up with demand!
We have sold them to clients all over the world. A lot of them to Scandinavia,
and a fair share to the Netherlands.
We have always loved making our tulips. We have altered our design a few times since we started, of course, but now we are very pleased with them, and continue to work on many others aspects as well as new flower designs.

New colours are always fun, as well as playing around with tulip sizes. Our smallest "Tiny Tulip" head is less than 8x8x12 mm, while our largest, "The Texas Tulip" head is 12x12x20 cm!
As all our flowers are handmade the sizes may of course vary slightly, but after almost 40 years making them, it's no surprise the variance is so minimal!

We take great pride in our customer satisfaction, and many of our clients also enjoy adding to their previously purchased bouquets in expanding their collections.
Customers also, on occasion, send a sample of fabric or wallpaper for us to match in their flower decor.

When we started to see others trying to make our tulips, we decided to expand our selection of flowers and ventured into the world of wooden Daffodils, Narcissus....etc which we now also have for sale on Etsy.

In 1990 when we moved to Naramata, British Columbia, we changed our business name from Touch Wood to Okanagan Touch Wood, but other than that, all aspects of our business and passion, and commitment to quality in our products as well as customer satisfaction remain of utmost import.....and the happiness this all brings us, and the pleasure of continually meeting fabulous clients, both old and new, makes this venture all the more better every day and year.
Thank you always for all your business and support!
Rose-Marie & Alf

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